IMG_0284IMG_0297Pupils from Horizon schools met at Litherland High School for a public speaking competition. The event was launched by Daisy, who was the winner of Litherland High’s public speaking competition. She talked very movingly about her cousin Joe, who is very precious to her.

Each of the primary schools present then put forward two pieces on the theme of ‘Healthy Relationships’. Groups, pairs and individuals all represented their schools well.

Daisy, James and Joel, who were the finalists in the LHS competition, had a difficult job judging the overall winner, who was Jessica from Litherland Moss.

Litherland Moss will keep the ‘Horizon Public Speaking’ trophy for a year.

After a quick refreshment break, the pupils were joined by anti-bullying ambassadors from Litherland High School in a workshop led by Bullybusters. Y5 and Y6 pupils found out about cyberbullying and what to do if it was a problem. Younger pupils worked together with children from other schools and ambassadors to think about what makes a good friend.

It was great to see pupils from all the schools and of all ages working together. Continue reading Horizon Public Speaking and School Council Event

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More able pupils from The Beacon, Hatton Hill and Netherton Moss met on 16th June at The Beacon, to compete in a maths challenge.

Five teams with pupils mixed from the different schools completed a series of maths and logic problems.

The event was led by Mr D Hird from Netherton Moss who was ably assisted by maths trainees from LJMU who are based in the various Horizon schools.

IMG_0270 IMG_0271 IMG_0264 IMG_0265 IMG_0260

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Leah PresentationLeah BalanceLisa gameLisa jumps

Pupils from, Hatton Hill, St Oswald’s, Litherland Moss, Netherton Moss and The Beacon took part in an all day event at Litherland High School today. (26-05-16)
Olympic prospects Leah Barrow and Lisa James talked to the pupils about the hard work and sacrifice it takes to become a world class athlete.
The children then had a very busy day learning about sprint starts, fast reactions and how to put together a triple jump.
The day ended with some very noisy relay races. Everyone had a great time.

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Joint Pupil Activities

7th June – Horizon Fun Run @ Litherland Sports Park
19th May- Horizon Book Group @The Beacon Primary
26th May- Horizon Talented Athletes Event @ Litherland High School
16th June- Horizon Maths Challenge@ Netherton Moss
28th June- Horizon Public Speaking and Schools Council Event @ Litherland High School
19th July- Horizon Attendance Celebration@ Litherland High School

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imageAble readers from Horizon schools met together for their second book group of 2015/16.
The books they discussed were, The Railway Children by E Nesbit and The Journey by Aaron Becker.



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We have some real champion spellers in our schools. The last half term has seen three events for Horizon children in different year groups.

Thank you to Netherton Moss, Litherland Moss and Hatton Hill for hosting




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On Thursday January 8th, year five children from all the Horizon primary schools worked together with the author Tommy Donvaband at Litherland High School.
Tommy, whose Scream Street books are currently being serialised on CBBC, really enthused the children and they produced some marvellous writing.

Tommy is already booked for a workshop next year.


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